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We provide one-to-one coaching to executives and high potential leaders. We recognise the importance of psychology based approaches but believe that they are limited if used in isolation. Our integrative approach is based on all dimensions of the Compass, magnifying the impact.

Differential Strategy

We enhance the well- proven Scenario Planning Approach with a human factors element. We believe that strategy content and direction are only part of the objective. Our approach enhances outcomes by also delivering deep and broad ranging commitment across all levels of leadership.

Differential Teamwork

High performance teamwork underpins all great achievements in business. It is surprising then that most organisations don’t deliberately target it. We believe in setting the expectation of high performance, then providing the knowledge, tools and support required to deliver it.

Differential Safety

It is our fundamental belief that safety culture and performance is integral to all business achievement. This extends to psychological safety and well-being. We bring deep experience in the technical skills to underpin our work with culture and behaviours.

The Leadership Differential®

Informed by cutting-edge academic research, our premium offering distinguishes itself by connecting proven approaches and concepts directly to business objectives. The program delivers powerful personal growth for participants and breakthrough performance outcomes for their business.



The Leadership Differential® Compass is the over-arching meta-model for our unique approach. A meta-model is a “model of models”, a framework that organises and integrates different approaches to leadership coaching and development. By connecting academically proven approaches with a common language and specific business context, results are significantly enhanced.


Who am I being?


How do I



What is the



What am I doing?



Our company was founded in 2014 by Graeme Findlay, a former oil and gas executive. Graeme’s track record of breakthrough performance was always based upon his passion for people development. This passion led to post-graduate research and the establishment of DXDT Consulting. 


"Post graduate research into the application of meta-models in leadership development"



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